Where To Buy Pomade in Malaysia? Barbergum.com

Where to Buy Pomade in Malaysia?

We are proud to announce that we have finally launched our online store – www.barbergum.com and we have listed over 30+ items and counting! We take pride in knowing that we are sourcing for high quality products and we will ensure that they are  with the best prices as well. So now you ask, where to buy pomade in Malaysia? Head on up to www.barbergum.com – and hopefully you’ll find what you need there for all you hair care and styling needs

To help you navigate easily through the website, you can mouse over to the “Hair Care” section, where you can:

where to buy pomade in malaysia

You will find the different categories of products offered.

Water Based refers to Water Based pomades – so if you’re looking for brands like Gonzo Pomade, Suavecito Pomade. There are local and international brands offered, so you can go and have a look. In case you are wondering, the benefits of using water based pomades are they are easier to wash off, easy to apply and are usually firme hold. You can read more on our post about water based pomades

Oil Based refers to Oil Based Pomades – if you’re a bona fide die hard fan of pomades, this should not be stranger to you. The origins of pomades are from petroleum based ingredients and even some of the oldest surviving brands are still producing petroleum based pomades. If you don’t already know, oil based pomades do not dry, giving you lasting hold and shine. However, they are not so easy to wash off (no worries, we wrote a piece about how to wash off oil based pomade). Expect to see brands like Roti Bakar, Prestige Hair Clay, Reuzel, Bona Fide, Dax. These are some of the oil based pomades that you can try out.

Shampoo refers to other hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair tonics, and etc. We understand that apart from hair styling, caring for the hair is also important, so we created a dedicated section where after curating a good product, we will include them into our list where you can purchase.

Hair Accessories refers to products such as combs, brushes, shavers, and other “hardwares” that are used in hair care and hair styling.

After you have selected the product you are interested to purchase, click add to cart (as shown below)

where to buy pomade in malaysia 2


And if  you have other products you are  interested to purchase, continue to add to cart. And then you will get a notification telling you that you have succesfully added the item to cart as below:

where to buy pomade in malaysia 3


Once  you’re happy with the items, you can proceed to checkout, by clicking on your cart on the top right of the screen and click checkout

where to buy pomade in malaysia 5

And you will come to this screen – continue to click checkout, unless you have other items to purchase, you can click continue shopping

where to buy pomade in malaysia 6

You are now at the final step to purchase!! you will now need to register, you can do it two way, either by keying in all the necessary information, or you can register using facebook.

After that you will need to proceed to step 2 – 6 and your order will be processed.

how to use bg.com 6

It is as simple as that! Now, do you know where to buy pomade in Malaysia? of course you do!

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