Cheap Pomade Malaysia 2017: 5 pomades under RM40

I guess all of us know that pomades are not cheap. To spend over RM60-80 for a jar of pomade is very steep, given that you will probably finish it in a month or so. The price of pomades are usually so expensive because many are imported. Which means, you don’t have a large company which can bring economies of scale. Therefore, when smaller distributors take in the product, they have a hefty price tag.

Since pomades are so widespread now, we have local makers as well. This helps because since it’s made locally or a factory nearby, we get to mitigate all the transport costs, import costs, thus lowering the final price which we, the consumers pay. Given that we have affordable options available now, which most of them are available in we will let you know what are you best bets.

Cheap Pomade Malaysia – What’s available?

As the title suggests, all the pomades discussed here are Malaysian made pomades, or from Indonesia. I am only going to list out the best from our list, so you can rest assure that for the amount that you’re paying, you’re getting a good return of investment

Let the cheap pomade Malaysia list begin!

Arctic Pomade – RM40

cheap pomade malaysia 1

Arctic Pomade is a mass made pomade from Malaysia. It has since gone through a round of rebranding, where the packaging has changed. As far as the product quality and the scent have remained the same – of good quality. Apart from the quality, the product has been a solid performer for those who have used it. If you’re yearning for a pomade with fantastic hold, you can go for this. If you need something to compare, you can compare this to Suavecito (RM65). It’s a steal in my opinion for the price you are paying.

Hipster Pomade – RM35

cheap pomade malaysia 2

Hipster could probably be the biggest pomade brands in Malaysia right now. You should know by now that this is not a home brew pomade. Hipster pomade too, like Arctic Pomade has undergone transformations in improvement of the product. However, with such a low price point, one cannot expect  the product to be the creme de la creme of mass made pomades. One area where I think Hipster pomade is lacking, is the hardness of the hair after the pomade sets. It feels like plastic. But other than that, if you’re looking for something with a fantastic hold, this would be perfect.

Magnum Pomade – RM40

cheap pomade malaysia 3

Magnum pomade claims to be formulated in Japan – although it is likely to be manufactured here, as the price point dictates so. Another local heavyweight, Magnum is considered as one of the highest selling pomades in Malaysia. With it’s competitive price point, Magnum pomade serves as a functional product with a nice masculine scent. It performs similar to what Arctic Pomade does, but the only thing that separates this two is the design of the product and it’s scent. I would suggest you try one after another to see which suit you better because they are quite similar to each other.

Skull Republic Black – RM35

cheap pomade malaysia 4

Skull Republic is probably one of the earliest pomades in Malaysia. They could very well be the inspiration to many other mass made pomades. They are one of the brands that pioneered that masculine cologne scent when everyone was trying to imitate Suavecito or when everything was just sweet scent. That’s very commendable and after going through several transformations, the product quality remains consistent. We are proud to list them in and consider them as one of the best and cheap pomade malaysia.

Gatsby Styling Pomade – RM25


This product was brought in to Malaysia from Indonesia. While we have Gatsby products available in Malaysia, we have yet to see pomades being sold in Malaysia. So this is an effort we have taken to take regional products to be sold here in Malaysia. One thing we know for sure, coming from a multinational company, the products would have to go through rigorous quality controls before being sold to the market. So we are sure no matter at which price points, you have a product that is likely the safest to use. What we like about this pomade is its scent, but what really sets us back is the fact that it is oil based and it is quite hard to wash off.


It’s not impossible to find cheap pomades, if you know where to look. For the most parts, you should be able to find it in If you don’t, then always ask your barber – for each of them favours certain brands and they are probably in touch with most brewers. While we always strive to look for high quality products, we believe that there are good in cheap products too. These are the few we think are affordable yet at the same time deliver good quality to its users.

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