Hair styling tips for the modern man

In this day and age where time is a scarce commodity, taking time saving measures is crucial. These hair styling tips is sure to keep your hair problems at bay, and get you looking good all day long. That is if looking good is important for you. If part of your daily regime is washing, blow drying your hair and styling your hair, then you must know how much work is involve. The problem with that is, after all that hard work, you may not even get to enjoy it for the rest of the day. This c...

Asian Men Hairstyles 2017: What you should be styling

The undercut has been the focus for the most part of 2016, and it seems to be the trend going forward. Buzz the sides, fade it up and leave the top longer. With more and more barbers sprouting in the scene, creativity is at its best. During our barbershop banter with seasoned barbers such as barber by servus and amplitude barbershop we have been enlightened! With more and more people spotting the same  hairstyles, it is high time that we now have variations to create more personal styles....

Pompadour Hairstyle – 5 styles of Pompadour for Men

5 types of Pompadours
I can safely say that the pompadour is one of the most popular hairstyle of 2015-2016 amongst men. But is everyone's understanding of the pompadour the same? I doubt so, there must be over 50 variations at least, given the barber's styling skills, the customer's hair type, hair volume, and many other contributing factors. Some pompadours are styled according to the classic version (think old school, James Dean... maybe not Elvis or John Travolta) and then, there are modern interpretations of the...

Ryan Reynolds Haircut 2016

Ryan Reynolds Haircut Cover
The Deadpool movie has been nothing short of fantastic. And so is Ryan Reynolds haircut. Right. So we're going to dissect this article into two parts. First, his hairstyle in the movie (pre transformation into Deadpool of course, as, if you've watched the movie, or as little as just the trailer, you would know... that he "looks like an avocado had sex with an older, more disgusting avocado" after becoming Deadpool). And then there's the haircut he has after the movie ended, which he seems to be ...

High and Tight Haircut – All you need to know

high and tight cover
                          There are many types of undercut, and today we are going to talk a little bit about the high and tight haircut and the difference between that and the fade undercut. The high and tight haircut is a short hairstyle like the crew cut that is commonly worn by men in the US armed forces. It is known to be a neat cut and low maintenance haircut. Typically, the sides are sk...

The greaser hair – what is it?

The Greaser Hair as portrayed in popular culture The greaser hair originated from the 1950's greaser culture, which was made famous by American actors such as Eddie Cochrane and James Dean. The culture is closely associated to muscle car enthusiasts of the time and along with it, came the fashion and the hairstyle. Typically greasers would dress up like what you'll see in John Travolta's grease or Fonzie from Happy Days - leather jackets, white t-shirt, jeans and a pair of chuck taylors or boot...

Justin Timberlake Haircut – Celebrity Inspiration

Justin Timberlake haircut coVER.jpg
There is always a good chance that you and a celebrity share the same liking for a hairstyle, or maybe you are inspired by a celebrity's hairstyle, whatever. The undercut, slicked back, pompadour look have taken the world by storm, and no, it's not just David Beckham, rest assured, this is a time tested hairstyle, and celebrities love it. Today, we are going to look at the Justin Timberlake Haircut, the slightly relaxed pompadour hairstyle, which he has been having for awhile now. Justin ...

Slick Back Hairstyle – The Ultimate Guide

slick back hairstyle - COVER.jpg
What Is The Slick Back Hairstyle? The slick back hairstyle is an evergreen classic hairstyle for men. Existed even in the early days of men's fashion, the slicked back style was made famous again in the Madmen series. The hairstyle is often used on characters that holds important positions or role, at the same time possess finesse and usually a suave person. It has been famously portrayed in movies and TV series that it is now back in trend - with stylish men carrying it, not just people wear...

The Evolution of David Beckham Hairstyle in 20 years!

david beckham hairstyle COVER
David Beckham hairstyle 2015 and the years before... David Beckham has always been known as an immaculate dresser and a very stylish person. One thing that has always drive media attention is his hairstyle. Through out his 20 years of professional career, apart from being a role model in football, he is also a key influencer when it comes to hairstyles. The evolution of David Beckham hairstyle has set the trends for men's hairstyle over the course of the past 20 years. Over the years David'...

The Short Pompadour For Men – Why Its IN now

short pompadour COVER
While there are many variations of the pompadour since it's come back recently, the short pompadour is one of the most versatile haircut. It is not difficult to achieve, and due to the short length of hair, it is easy to maintain different styles every now and then. While the classic pompadour requires the hair to be medium length, the contemporary version, the modern Pompadour or more specifically the Short Pompadour can be styled even if you have a short hair probably 1.5-2 inch in length. Ce...