Top 5 Pomade Indonesia has to offer

While we have been focusing mainly on Malaysia, I think it's fair that we explore our neighbours too. Indonesia is a country of 250 million people. If there are any place that has enough people using pomade, this would be it. I consider Jakarta as the capital of Pomade in Indonesia given the huge coverage of area, I may be wrong. Pomade Indonesia - International and Local offerings This topic came to interest given a few Indonesians we have met and spoke to. Not only users of pomade but se...

The 5 Best Pomade For Men 2017

We have previously written about the top 5 pomade malaysia, where talk about the top 5 pomade. We are revisiting the topic here, but updated for 2017. Since we started in 2016, we have tried over 50 pomades so far, and we have an idea of what works and what doesn't. The list of products that we now consider the best pomade for men have changed too, and we want to share it with you. What we define as the best pomade for men can be very subjective. However, to make it fair, we will use the ...

Cheap Pomade Malaysia 2017: 5 pomades under RM40

I guess all of us know that pomades are not cheap. To spend over RM60-80 for a jar of pomade is very steep, given that you will probably finish it in a month or so. The price of pomades are usually so expensive because many are imported. Which means, you don't have a large company which can bring economies of scale. Therefore, when smaller distributors take in the product, they have a hefty price tag. Since pomades are so widespread now, we have local makers as well. This helps because since ...

Where To Buy Pomade in Malaysia?

Where to Buy Pomade in Malaysia? We are proud to announce that we have finally launched our online store - and we have listed over 30+ items and counting! We take pride in knowing that we are sourcing for high quality products and we will ensure that they are  with the best prices as well. So now you ask, where to buy pomade in Malaysia? Head on up to - and hopefully you'll find what you need there for all you hair care and styling needs To help you naviga...

READ: The Most Interesting Facts You Did Not Know About Pomade

interesting facts you didnt know about pomade
How much do you know about pomades? Do you know the history of pomades? Who made the first water based pomade? A famous pomade brand actually set out to be restaurateurs? We've gathered all our resources and got to the bottom of things, digging through the internet and publications to give you the most interesting facts you did not know about pomade. Here we go, enjoy! 8. Pomade was originally made from animal fats, particularly bear fats and fragranced with Apples. Bear Fats - photo credits t...

What is pomade used for?

What is Pomade Used For cover
While the use of pomade has been growing over the years, it is not as ubiquitous as a product like gel or wax. So we have been asked, "what is pomade used for?" Well this post will answer your question. We promise to keep it short and sweet, and once reading this post, you'd definitely want to read our other articles about pomades and pomade reviews What Is Pomade Used For? First of all, pomade is a hair styling product, and like gels, creams and waxes, they are used to make your hair look...

Matte Pomade: Best in Town

Pomades are typically used for the high shine it gives. However the way pomades are being used have evolved over time and there are pomades offering the matte look. Styles like pompadours and slick back hair styles have been the hallmark of pomade use but with the prominence of products like wax and clays, people want the best of both worlds: the matte pomade.   Fortunately, such matte pomade do exist, and commercial pomades and even home brewers have the matte variations availabl...

10 Of The Best Pomade For Thick Hair

best pomade for thick hair cover.jpg
The pompadour or the slick back hairstyle is probably some of the most "controlled" hairstyle, which is why pomades are being used. Pomade is probably the only way to make sure that the hair will preserve its shape regardless of how thick it is - which is why we are going to share with you 10 of the best pomade for thick hair. While some of us are blessed with thick hair, what comes with it is also the difficulty in managing the hair. It's harder because the hair tends to look... thick (duh!)...

Top 3 All Natural Pomades

nATURAL Pomades
As we all know, these days hair products are full of chemicals (especially those produced by large manufacturing companies) simply because costs would be way too hair to use all natural ingredients. But fret not, there are people who still care enough to use natural ingredients, and we are going to talk about a few brands which focuses on using natural ingredients for their All Natural Pomades. Essential ingredients in All Natural Pomades We will be talking about water based pomades he...

Best Water Soluble Pomades for Hot Weather

Given the tropical climate we have which means it's an all year long hot and humid condition, using a hair styling product that could last is always a plus point - especially if you're rocking a pompadour all day long. Even some of the best water soluble pomades react to perspiration where they lost hold, which can be extremely annoying. Oil based pomades while giving a good hold and comb-ability, are not first choice due to the fact that it can be difficult to wash off. Best Water Solub...