Barber And Ryan Review – a mediocre experience

barber and ryan review 1
Given that the holidays are near, I have to have my haircut. It grew outwards and was quite hard to control so I had to. I would usually go to my regular barber, Barber by Servus however it was closed. Other barbers that I went to were also either full or closed. So after scouring deep into the world wide web, I found a few options. Options that I will soon regret. The Chinese have a saying that goes something like "If everyone had known earlier then there would be no beggars". So there I was...

Kopicut Barbershop Kuching

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In my recent trip to Kuching, I have discovered among many nice attractions, to my surprise, a really nice barbershop cum cafe/restaurant. I was there twice only because the first day I was late. So I made it a point to be there on time on the second day. My visit there was greeted with a warm and friendly banter by the manager, Anne. We spoke about the difference between Kuching and KL, and the latest craze over pomades and barbershop. It is always good to understand different cultures a...

Where To Buy Pomade in Malaysia?

Where to Buy Pomade in Malaysia? We are proud to announce that we have finally launched our online store - and we have listed over 30+ items and counting! We take pride in knowing that we are sourcing for high quality products and we will ensure that they are  with the best prices as well. So now you ask, where to buy pomade in Malaysia? Head on up to - and hopefully you'll find what you need there for all you hair care and styling needs To help you naviga...

Barber By Servus Review

Barber By Servus
Barber by Servus was opened by one of the longest serving member in Joe's Barber - known by the name Shay. Shay has been in the business barbering for not only Joe's but also in Barbero and Kalostra, before opening his own barber shop recently. Barber by Servus is located in the corner of Kota Damansara existing alongside Unique Seafood and Tune Hotel. It would be hard to miss the location. Shay is a very soft spoken and down to earth person and while he is very focused in his work, he is...

Amplitude Music and Barber Shop Review

Amplitude Music and Barber Shop 2
Nestled in the middle of Taipan USJ, Amplitude Music is quite something. No one would have expected that a music shop would also be a place where a man gets his hair game on. Already a name in the music scene, Amplitude Music is known for supplying quality music instruments at a good price - probably anyone who lives in the Subang township would already have known that. News has it that, Lex Low, formerly a hairstylist whose experience include working with the likes of Toni and Guy, appro...

Joe’s Barber Shop Review

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You could safely say that the nu age barber scene was started by Joe's Barber shop. As most would know, Joe's Barber Shop is the brain child of none other than Joe Flizzow, one half of former rap duo, Too Phat. It seems rather fitting as the barber shop scene is an anchor in the hip hop scene. It is only a matter of time before a barber shop opens in Malaysia. As connoisseurs of barber shops, visiting the highly dubbed Joe's barber shop was a natural selection - being the first in the sce...