Where To Buy Pomade in Malaysia? Barbergum.com

Where to Buy Pomade in Malaysia? We are proud to announce that we have finally launched our online store - www.barbergum.com and we have listed over 30+ items and counting! We take pride in knowing that we are sourcing for high quality products and we will ensure that they are  with the best prices as well. So now you ask, where to buy pomade in Malaysia? Head on up to www.barbergum.com - and hopefully you'll find what you need there for all you hair care and styling needs To help you naviga...

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12 Shocking things you never knew about barbers
The truth is, Barbers aren't a 20th century invention, it existed since the beginning of civilization. The profession has long history full of personalities, culture and heritage, some of which may surprise you! Don't take our word for it, read it and judge it yourself. 12. Back in the Middle Ages, Barbers not only grooms hairs, they were also surgeons and dentists Photo from karardh.com In addition to their main job responsibility of hair cutting and shaving, barbers were also entrusted to p...

Barber Shop KL – The Best Spots

Barber Shop: A Phenomenon in KL Despite a rise of modern hairdressing salons with the likes of large chains like A Cut Above or Peek-A-Boo dominating the industry, in the recent years we have seen a surge of western style barber shop in KL. More than just a barber shop, a new culture has now been introduced to Malaysians. A culture that goes beyond just operating a shop, it brings together with it a revival of classic haircuts like the quiff, the pompadour and the slick back undercut (not fo...