Asian Men Hairstyles 2017: What you should be styling


The undercut has been the focus for the most part of 2016, and it seems to be the trend going forward. Buzz the sides, fade it up and leave the top longer. With more and more barbers sprouting in the scene, creativity is at its best. During our barbershop banter with seasoned barbers such as barber by servus and amplitude barbershop we have been enlightened!

With more and more people spotting the same  hairstyles, it is high time that we now have variations to create more personal styles. Some of the hairstyles which have been discussed are styles carried by various celebrities but are not widely styled here. In this article, we will talk about two styles we’ve recently seen and foresee it to be more apparent when it comes to undercut for the asian men hairstyles.

Undercut for men: the variations

The foundation of a good undercut is the fade – it’s the conversation starter, but the main storyline will be the top. The days of the standard pompadour and slicked back will soon give way to edgier, messier and out of bed look. There are a lot more innovations in products as well. Brewers are now creating a lot more other than just firme hold, high shine water based pomades. We’re talking about matte products, such as water based clays, unorthodox water based pomade etc.

So with such a wide range of products, it is no wonder that there should be more than one way to style the new undercut for men!

long undercut for men hairstyles

When your hair is longer, you have the option of going all classy and slicked, or you could also try something more relaxed and unpolished – which gives you that rugged, rocker look.


This style is suitable for those in creative agencies, university students, rock band members, or that casual friday in office. Perfect for chilling out!

Product to use: prestige hair pomade
Why: prestige hair pomade is an unorthodox water base, which contains essential oils which protects the hair. But the most important reason to use is due to it’s natural finish, which gives that unpolished, and I-don’t-give-a-damn look to your hair 

Short undercut for men hairstyles

It’s pretty common for asian men hairstyles to be short – and the undercut hairstyle will look good with short hair too. This combination works because the undercut wouldn’t make your hair look too short, at the same time, you could get a lot more attention on the texture and shape that you have built.


Again this style is also for those who wants the edgier style, that casual friday look. This look is suitable for anyone especially for asian men hairstyles. With an undercut, this simple spiky hairstyle would have a lot more substance, perfect for that stylish trendy person.

Product to use: prestige hair clay or Layrite Cement Clay
Whyboth this products are designed to have better “adhesive” effect and would be perfect to create texture for the hair. Texture means high standing spikes, omni-directional spikes. While you won’t get the kind of hold like you would with a waterbased gel type pomade, with these products, you get pliability, change your style anytime you want!


While last year seems to be the year of the madmen style, we will leave next year to a more relaxed and modern look – the undercut hairstyle is still in, but with a twist (pun intended). Fridays would look much more better with these styles – the keyword is flexibility. Asian men hairstyles are definitely evolving, but don’t let this article limit your creativity. Try something different, consult your barber or download our ebook and get some inspiration there.

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