Top 5 Pomade Indonesia has to offer

While we have been focusing mainly on Malaysia, I think it's fair that we explore our neighbours too. Indonesia is a country of 250 million people. If there are any place that has enough people using pomade, this would be it. I consider Jakarta as the capital of Pomade in Indonesia given the huge coverage of area, I may be wrong. Pomade Indonesia - International and Local offerings This topic came to interest given a few Indonesians we have met and spoke to. Not only users of pomade but se...

The 5 Best Pomade For Men 2017

We have previously written about the top 5 pomade malaysia, where talk about the top 5 pomade. We are revisiting the topic here, but updated for 2017. Since we started in 2016, we have tried over 50 pomades so far, and we have an idea of what works and what doesn't. The list of products that we now consider the best pomade for men have changed too, and we want to share it with you. What we define as the best pomade for men can be very subjective. However, to make it fair, we will use the ...

Hair styling tips for the modern man

In this day and age where time is a scarce commodity, taking time saving measures is crucial. These hair styling tips is sure to keep your hair problems at bay, and get you looking good all day long. That is if looking good is important for you. If part of your daily regime is washing, blow drying your hair and styling your hair, then you must know how much work is involve. The problem with that is, after all that hard work, you may not even get to enjoy it for the rest of the day. This c...

Cheap Pomade Malaysia 2017: 5 pomades under RM40

I guess all of us know that pomades are not cheap. To spend over RM60-80 for a jar of pomade is very steep, given that you will probably finish it in a month or so. The price of pomades are usually so expensive because many are imported. Which means, you don't have a large company which can bring economies of scale. Therefore, when smaller distributors take in the product, they have a hefty price tag. Since pomades are so widespread now, we have local makers as well. This helps because since ...

Asian Men Hairstyles 2017: What you should be styling

The undercut has been the focus for the most part of 2016, and it seems to be the trend going forward. Buzz the sides, fade it up and leave the top longer. With more and more barbers sprouting in the scene, creativity is at its best. During our barbershop banter with seasoned barbers such as barber by servus and amplitude barbershop we have been enlightened! With more and more people spotting the same  hairstyles, it is high time that we now have variations to create more personal styles....