Player Pomade Review

I recently tried another Malaysian made pomade called the Player Pomade. At first impression, I thought what a name. As you may know, player is a slang for a person who flirts / get into multiple relationship with the opposite/same sex. Or something like that, you know what I mean. But as I spoke to the person behind the brand, I started to learn more about the choice of name. The pomade is for those who performs at the highest level and that he needs a pomade that's reliable, and thus the Playe...

The Daimon Barber Pomade

the daimon barber pomade 2
The Daimon Barber Pomade is always something I wanted to try out since I first got into this. Due to the pricing, this brand was a little harder to get in Malaysia. And also due to that, the interest in this brand has been tremendous. Readers are asking on where to get the products and for me to write reviews about this brand. Fortunately, The Daimon Barber Pomade can now be found in The Daimon Barber originates from London, and they pride themselves in making products of ...

The Oven Barber @ Battery Acid Club

There's a place in Damansara Utama that I usually frequent to, and that's Battery Acid Club. The name does sound like some car workshop at first, but actually it's a really nice quaint cafe. What attracted me to the place was when someone told me they sell Braun watches - a German brand. As a big fan of watches (cheap or expensive - it's their design that matters to me) I was excited. Because as far as I know, very little shops carry this brand. I thought to myself this place must be very un...

Kopicut Barbershop Kuching

kopicut cover
In my recent trip to Kuching, I have discovered among many nice attractions, to my surprise, a really nice barbershop cum cafe/restaurant. I was there twice only because the first day I was late. So I made it a point to be there on time on the second day. My visit there was greeted with a warm and friendly banter by the manager, Anne. We spoke about the difference between Kuching and KL, and the latest craze over pomades and barbershop. It is always good to understand different cultures a...