Imperial Matte Paste Review

Another Product from The Imperial Brand: The Imperial Matte Paste In our previous review, we tried the Imperial Original Pomade, which in our opinion is a fantastic product. Now, The Imperial Barber brand has not just pomades, they have other hair and men's grooming products too. And for today's review, we will talk about the Imperial Matte Paste. The Imperial Matte Paste is a hair styling product with a matte finish, as it's name suggests. The product carries the same outlook as the Imperi...

NaramuQ Water based Pomade Review

I'm glad to see that there is an increase of local brands making pomades. Now the trouble is with so many selections out there, there must be good and bad pomades. I would like to clarify that there are many ways you can classify pomades, apart from being water or oil based. One of the way that I would classify it is: International pomades Local high range pomades Local mid range pomades. To begin with, pomades are not cheap. Nothing goes below RM30 (for 100g) and you probably pay ...

Imperial Pomade Review

imperial pomade
One of the pomade players which have been in Market long before the pomade market was actually around in Malaysia, is the Imperial Pomade products. (just FYI they have more than just pomades). We know a lot of people talk about the brand in the past but we have never tried it before. So we  got in touch with the Imperial partners in Asia and took some samples. The product that we are  reviewing today is the Imperial Original Pomade. Imperial Pomade Review The Imperial brand was started b...

Ubersuave Hair Wax review

ubersuave hair wax
The Ubersuave team not only has pomade, they also produce hair wax under the same name. I like how their products look, with the pomade having an all black packaging, while the hair wax bearing an all white outlook. It clearly distinguish both of the products, much like the Prestige Hair Clay and Prestige Pomade. I like products like that, makes them a whole more collectible. I am professionally trained to look at products in the most marketable way possible. And one of the basic ways is ...