ubersuave pomade review

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Ubersuave Pomade We've recently got in touch with the official distributor for Ubersuave pomade - and managed to get hold of a few samples to play with. We've heard about this brand awhile now and wanted to know what's all the hype about this brand is about. We are hearing some good stuff about this brand. So, we decided that the only way we could verify or bust the hype is to try it. And with some connections and network, we found out who distributes it here. Let the fun begin On the l...

The Prestige Pomade Review

The Prestige Pomade Review Its not long ago that the VAMPH guys brought us the Prestige Hair Tonic, and then the Prestige Hair Clay. Now we have the newly launched Prestige Pomade! It is safe to say, that this is yet another high quality product from those guys. So far my experience with the products by VAMPH has been nothing short of fantastic. I guess that's the charm of having good ingredients in your product Speaking of Shen the main guy behind all the home brewing, he prides himself...

Original by Blumaan Styling Meraki Review

Of late I was in touch with the Blumaan team - if you don't know who they are, see Blumaan I bet you watched this guy before. And you're probably one of his subscriber. Anyway, back to the story, right after we spoke, the Blumaan team sent some sample to us. After two weeks of wait, the parcel of Original By Blumaan finally arrived. Couldn't. Contain. My. Excitement. First impression: I really like how the packaging looks, very simple and I love the black plastic tub. Looks really classic, ha...

Layrite Pomade: A Quick Review On The Range

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Today will be the day that I'll talk a little more about Layrite pomade (s) (No, I wasn't paid to feature them like this :)) We actually bought them to be sold at www.barbergum.com. I've earlier written a post about Layrite being in MYP's top 5 list and that was the original which I tried. Now I have the full range of Layrite Pomade, clay and hair cream Layrite Pomade - what is available? So there's two types of pomades, Original (Yellow tub) and Superhold (Brown), and then we've got a cla...

3 Reasons to use Hair Tonic: Strong, Healthy, Shiny

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Many people always misunderstood the use of a hair tonic. While many hair tonics claim to have hair growth property, that is not entirely true if we track back the origins of  hair tonics. Historically, hair tonic was used a hair styling products - as they were made of oil based ingredients, they could hold the hair together allowing the use to style the hair more effectively. It was also meant to moisturize given that oil based products can trap moisture in the hair and scalp so the hair doesn'...

Pompadour Hairstyle – 5 styles of Pompadour for Men

5 types of Pompadours
I can safely say that the pompadour is one of the most popular hairstyle of 2015-2016 amongst men. But is everyone's understanding of the pompadour the same? I doubt so, there must be over 50 variations at least, given the barber's styling skills, the customer's hair type, hair volume, and many other contributing factors. Some pompadours are styled according to the classic version (think old school, James Dean... maybe not Elvis or John Travolta) and then, there are modern interpretations of the...

Uprising Limited by VAPE Malaya (VAMPH)

This has got to be one of the most  unique scent in a pomade. Shen who homebrews under VAMPH (VAPE Malaya) calls it Gunpowder scent. That's got to be the highlight of this product apart from the performance. I'll have to say things get better as they go - Shen's been brewing a number of products of seriously high quality and this is no exception. We at malaysiapomade.com have had the privilege to design the label, and although the finishing of the label has not been perfect (if the visual was...