Prestige Pomade: A matte clay pomade review

The Prestige Matte Clay Pomade
I've always known Shen from VAMPH. Way back. We knew each other from our interest in music back in our hometown. I used to play in a band and so did he, and that's how we knew each other. Shen has always been that hipster dude - collecting CDs and posters of rock stars (even when the days of CDs are over) so I am not surprised to see him brewing pomade -- and I knew it wouldn't dissapoint. We'd exchange banters every now and then over nonsense and how does his pomades fair, and it's no different...

Bangsawan Pomade – A one of a kind strong hold pomade review

bangsawan pomade a strong hold pomade 4
This week we have had the pleasure of meeting another Malaysian home brewer, who goes by the moniker "pakar rambut" which means hair expert in English. We finally met after many failed attempts to meet and finally settled for coffee at a nearby joint. There we speak about other local brands and what are our views on the industry. After spending about an hour sharing thoughts and opinions, we've finally have had a view of his brand new strong hold pomade - Bangsawan Pomade. What a pleasant surpri...