By Vilain Malaysia Is Now Available on!

By Vilain Malaysia Cover
I believe some of you are no stranger to the brand By Vilain. Founded by Danish brothers Emil and Rasmus of Slikhaar TV, they created a line of men's hair products designed for extreme hold but still retaining the natural matte look (perhaps to suit the scandinavian style). We are proud to call By Vilain Malaysia as it is now available in this country, and we now carry their products within our online store. By Vilain is popular for their wax and Clay (will share more details below) and on top o...

By Vilain Gold Digger Hair Wax Review

By Villain Gold Digger Hair Wax
By Vilain Malaysia - Offering International Quality Products By Vilain Gold Digger is a product of Denmark currently available in Malaysia. We've been very fortunate to receive a couple of samples from the Malaysian distributor for By Vilain, and for today's review, we are going to talk about the By Vilain Gold Digger Hair Wax. You must be wondering "what has the forest got to do with this By Vilain's Hair Wax?" Well, that's how we feel describes the product visually when we used it.More into t...

Bad Panther Pomade Review

We have recently been given a tub of a newly launched pomade called the Bad Panther Pomade for review. This pomade is produced by the same people who brought you INI Pomade (Read our review). It's a water based strong hold pomade, as stated in the label, and it's nothing like any other Malaysian pomade design. The design features a panther (duh!) in an Ed Hardy style, which is quite nice, and the overall black color hues gives it more of a greaser feeling (think black leather jackets and shiny p...

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12 Shocking things you never knew about barbers
The truth is, Barbers aren't a 20th century invention, it existed since the beginning of civilization. The profession has long history full of personalities, culture and heritage, some of which may surprise you! Don't take our word for it, read it and judge it yourself. 12. Back in the Middle Ages, Barbers not only grooms hairs, they were also surgeons and dentists Photo from In addition to their main job responsibility of hair cutting and shaving, barbers were also entrusted to p...

READ: The Most Interesting Facts You Did Not Know About Pomade

interesting facts you didnt know about pomade
How much do you know about pomades? Do you know the history of pomades? Who made the first water based pomade? A famous pomade brand actually set out to be restaurateurs? We've gathered all our resources and got to the bottom of things, digging through the internet and publications to give you the most interesting facts you did not know about pomade. Here we go, enjoy! 8. Pomade was originally made from animal fats, particularly bear fats and fragranced with Apples. Bear Fats - photo credits t...

Skull Republic Pomade Review

Skull Republic Pomade Review cover
We got hold of two pomades from Skull Republic, both of which are Water Based Pomades. We're very excited to try this, as Skull Republic pomade is a made in KL, Malaysia product. Upon receiving the pomades, we immediately opened them up and give it a quick sniff - and boy do we love the scent. It's not a new scent, but it's a pleasant scent, which we will elaborate more after this. Rest assured, this will be an in depth piece on Skull Republic Pomade Review - all you need to know before you purc...