Ryan Reynolds Haircut 2016

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The Deadpool movie has been nothing short of fantastic. And so is Ryan Reynolds haircut. Right. So we're going to dissect this article into two parts. First, his hairstyle in the movie (pre transformation into Deadpool of course, as, if you've watched the movie, or as little as just the trailer, you would know... that he "looks like an avocado had sex with an older, more disgusting avocado" after becoming Deadpool). And then there's the haircut he has after the movie ended, which he seems to be ...

High and Tight Haircut – All you need to know

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                          There are many types of undercut, and today we are going to talk a little bit about the high and tight haircut and the difference between that and the fade undercut. The high and tight haircut is a short hairstyle like the crew cut that is commonly worn by men in the US armed forces. It is known to be a neat cut and low maintenance haircut. Typically, the sides are sk...

The greaser hair – what is it?

The Greaser Hair as portrayed in popular culture The greaser hair originated from the 1950's greaser culture, which was made famous by American actors such as Eddie Cochrane and James Dean. The culture is closely associated to muscle car enthusiasts of the time and along with it, came the fashion and the hairstyle. Typically greasers would dress up like what you'll see in John Travolta's grease or Fonzie from Happy Days - leather jackets, white t-shirt, jeans and a pair of chuck taylors or boot...

Roti Bakar Review

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There has been a new pomade emerging lately, and it's really one of a kind, a sort that we've never really seen before.... Behold, the Roti Bakar Pomade, one of the first pomades to be inspired by a type of food! (we said one of the firsts because we're not sure if anyone did something similar). Roti Bakar lends its name from a local delicacy that is toasted bread with coconut spread. As a delicacy, its spread is green in colour, called kaya which means rich and the scent is a hint of coconut oi...

Wak Doyok Pomade Review – A Malaysian Gem

Again we explore the personality that is Wak Doyok, and in this post, it's about the Wak Doyok Pomade. Essentially, this is a strong hold Water Based pomade with high shine effect. Without a doubt, this pomade has been heavily publicized with the public figures image all around the packaging. One unique aspect about this pomade is that it comes together with a box holding the pomade together, which again, also bear his image. Wak Doyok has been known to be a key influencer in men's fashion in...

Justin Timberlake Haircut – Celebrity Inspiration

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There is always a good chance that you and a celebrity share the same liking for a hairstyle, or maybe you are inspired by a celebrity's hairstyle, whatever. The undercut, slicked back, pompadour look have taken the world by storm, and no, it's not just David Beckham, rest assured, this is a time tested hairstyle, and celebrities love it. Today, we are going to look at the Justin Timberlake Haircut, the slightly relaxed pompadour hairstyle, which he has been having for awhile now. Justin ...

What is pomade used for?

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While the use of pomade has been growing over the years, it is not as ubiquitous as a product like gel or wax. So we have been asked, "what is pomade used for?" Well this post will answer your question. We promise to keep it short and sweet, and once reading this post, you'd definitely want to read our other articles about pomades and pomade reviews What Is Pomade Used For? First of all, pomade is a hair styling product, and like gels, creams and waxes, they are used to make your hair look...

Hipster Pomade Malaysia – A detailed review

Hipster pomade cover
Hipster Pomade Review We've recently got hold of a jar of hipster pomade from an online contact - so we've tried it and would like to give you a quick review of this pomade. We are not too sure, but we think that this pomade is probably one of those made for the market product, a mass produced product with a nicely designed label. Hipster pomade comes in a metal jar with a screw-in cover, a packaging that has seen quite some repertoire in the market.  More recently, there has been an inc...

The Pomp Official!

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If you are a pomade enthusiast, then you would definitely know James Bui, the man behind The Pomp. James reviews hundreds upon hundreds of pomades and have probably used more pomades than anyone of us here in malaysiapomade.com combined. Sometimes we even get our inspiration for a product review by reading his site. He is certainly someone who has seen much of the good and bad pomades all around the world. We would certainly encourage you to check his site out at http://www.the-pomp-offic...

Matte Pomade: Best in Town

Pomades are typically used for the high shine it gives. However the way pomades are being used have evolved over time and there are pomades offering the matte look. Styles like pompadours and slick back hair styles have been the hallmark of pomade use but with the prominence of products like wax and clays, people want the best of both worlds: the matte pomade.   Fortunately, such matte pomade do exist, and commercial pomades and even home brewers have the matte variations availabl...