The Short Pompadour For Men – Why Its IN now

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While there are many variations of the pompadour since it's come back recently, the short pompadour is one of the most versatile haircut. It is not difficult to achieve, and due to the short length of hair, it is easy to maintain different styles every now and then. While the classic pompadour requires the hair to be medium length, the contemporary version, the modern Pompadour or more specifically the Short Pompadour can be styled even if you have a short hair probably 1.5-2 inch in length. Ce...

Asian Men Hairstyles for 2016 – What’s IN now?

Asian Men Hairstyles Cover
The topic seems to address two things - curiosity and frustration. It seems like the same photos has been recycled again and again when the term " Asian Men Hairstyles " is typed in the search box in Google - Frustration. At the same time, many are looking for inspiration for a fresh hairstyle in the new year - curiosity. Nothing feels worse than having to scour through the internet and finding nothing you could use. Yes, you have celebrity aspirations, but it's always difficult to use a cel...

Braids For Men: The latest trend for 2016?

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While 2015 was the year of the quiff and the pompadour... Would 2016 then be the year of the braids for men? We're not sure, but we'll let you be the judge with the photos below of the latest photos taken from various social media channel. Lately there has been a new hashtag in 2016 for men's hairstyle - #manbraid which features many instagrammers posting pictures of their braids. While we have the pomps and man buns ruling most of 2015, the manbraid is identified with having an undercut, but...

Murray Hair Pomade Review

Murray hair pomade
Murray Hair Pomade - a Classic choice Murray Hair Pomade is certainly a product that is no stranger to anybody who uses pomade. Touted as one of the earlier / older players, they way the pomade looks, really gives it an old school vibe to it. Who does a metal packaging anymore? Classic! Best Oil Based Pomade ? No! The worst? No! While it certainly isn't the worst pomade, it's not the best either. It's one of those things where you can use it, but if you have the luxury of buying one wit...

5 Silky Hair Tips At Home for Men

Many men face this same problem. We all have hard to manage hair, AKA dry and rough hair. For most of us men, this is a common problem, not so much on genetics but the type of products we use on our hair. We have a very simple hair maintenance regime - wash hair, dry hair, put on a styling product, show up at occassion. The reason why our hair turn bad fast is due to that. Here, we are going to discover 5 Silky hair tips at home that you can easily do, with some small cash investment that wo...

Top 3 All Natural Pomades

nATURAL Pomades
As we all know, these days hair products are full of chemicals (especially those produced by large manufacturing companies) simply because costs would be way too hair to use all natural ingredients. But fret not, there are people who still care enough to use natural ingredients, and we are going to talk about a few brands which focuses on using natural ingredients for their All Natural Pomades. Essential ingredients in All Natural Pomades We will be talking about water based pomades he...

Best Water Soluble Pomades for Hot Weather

Given the tropical climate we have which means it's an all year long hot and humid condition, using a hair styling product that could last is always a plus point - especially if you're rocking a pompadour all day long. Even some of the best water soluble pomades react to perspiration where they lost hold, which can be extremely annoying. Oil based pomades while giving a good hold and comb-ability, are not first choice due to the fact that it can be difficult to wash off. Best Water Solub...

Top 3 Pomade For Curly Hair And How To Use Them

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Pomade for curly hair Recently, a few of our readers have requested for us to write a post about pomade for curly hair. With the help of a few collectors like Hydeous reviews and we have also enlisted help from fellow barber Shakirin Razik “Shay” to give us some advice since all of us here in malaysiapomade don’t have curly hair. After consultation from these experts, we’ll lay down about how to tame that beast of a curly hair and what type of pomade to use. Some of these pomades are not ea...

Hanz De Fuko Pomade Review

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Hanz De Fuko Pomade Hanz De Fuko Pomade is a brand that originates in San Francisco - it's been around for awhile now, since its inception in 2009 according to it's website: When we first got hold of this product, the first impression that we had was "this is so beauty salon product, not one of those that the barbers would use!" But anyway, we have to say this pomade is pretty cool, and as with other "hair-stylist" product, it is manufactured with the beauty salon con...

Malaya Pomade Review

Malaya Pomade - Water Based Pomade Malaya Pomade is an interesting pomade. It smells of national spirit with a tinge of P.Ramlee era. The design is much like that - a 1940s-50s man sporting a pompadour. Pretty neat design, we must say. While we don't know much about the history of this pomade, what we do know is that it's a water based pomade, and has a bubble gum scent to it - our only complaint about the fragrance is that it smells a little artificial, but sweet, nonetheless. The pom...