Tancho Pomade Malaysia Review

Tancho Pomade Cover
Everytime we try our luck looking for pomades at the retail stores, we fail miserably... Until one day we managed to spot something at a shelf off a supermarket. It was clad in a yellow box, when unboxed, is a white ribbed plastic and a green cover, with the word Tancho Pomade, and a claim that it is a pure nourishing vegetable pomade. We wouldn't say it is widely available, but it certainly has a presense that no other pomades have achieved so far, simply because it is manufactured by Mandom, t...

INI Pomade Review – The Cheapest Pomade?

Ini Pomade Cover
Many people have Fed back to us asking if there are any pomades which are more affordable. As far as we are concerned, all pomades are priced at least RM50-60 per can due to the fact that mostly are imported or made up of high quality ingredients. The fact is, most pomades can be lower priced if they were locally manufactured, which is what we will be writing about today - reviewof INI Pomade.  INI pomade is one of the few pomades, water based that is made by a Malaysian. here we will...

Gatsby Wax vs Pomade

gatsby wax vs pomade cover
Many of the readers here and on our facebook page have asked whether pomades are different from wax, especially Gatsby wax vs Pomade. We of course would like to make sure the differences are clarified and that the users are well informed about the usage and the benefits of pomades. We're making a comparison of specifically Gatsby Wax because it's one of the most common waxes available in the market, and most people were asking that as well - so we thought it would be an easy reference that ...

Wak Doyok Hairstyle: Steal the Look

Wak Doyok Cover
He is making the waves in the local scene, leading in the 'gentlemen' movement as a whole, his dressing, his grooming products, and of course the Wak Doyok Hairstyle . Wak Doyok is known as a style influencer, with his stylish dressing and perfectly styled hair. Often taking cues from British Fashion, Wak Doyok is always spotted in the media dressed up in suits. Wak Doyok Profile As one who believes in dressing well, Wak Doyok understands that in the gentleman fashion, it is required for a...

Rockabilly Pomade Malaysia – Old Style, New Trend

Rockabilly Pomade Malaysia COVER.jpg
Rockabilly Pomade Malaysia - The History The look that defined the 1950s is now making a come back. Once made famous by the likes of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and much later by John Travolta, designer brands and hipsters are now bringing the rockabilly style back to the present. But where did it all began and most importantly, how to get that look? (And how did Rockabilly Pomade Malaysia get in the picture?) Read: Uppercut Hairstyle of the year 2016 The origins of the rockabilly look ...

What Pomade KL Barbers are usings?

Pomade KL Cover
For us, when getting our haircut done at the barber, one of the questions that we always have for the barber would be "what pomade are you using?" And for one, the barbers know what they are doing so they almost always use the "right" styling products. Secondly, its something that we are always excited about because different barbers use different pomades, and as you would already know, each pomade would offer it's users a different experience and a different outcome. So let's see what Pomad...

Water based Pomade Malaysia – 5 of the best we’ve tried

water based pomade malaysia cover.jpg
In one of our earlier posts, we've listed down the top 5 pomades of 2015 and we've explained that there are two types of pomades, the oil based and water based pomade Malaysia has that you can look for. Essentially Pomades are designed with classic hairstyles in mind - think James Dean, John Travolta (pomps, quiffs). So in order to get that effects every pomade needs to contain beeswax or any form of waxes and as a result should firm your hair and not harden it. And that being said, wh...

Best Pomade Malaysia Has to Offer – Top 5 Home Boys

best pomade malaysia - cover
Malaysia is no longer stranger to producing pomades. We have a bevy of local players producing top notch pomades and some are even enjoying international customers. In this post we will discuss who are these local players and which made it into our top five best pomade Malaysia. We have received the barber shop culture since it first started in Klang Valley with open arms and followed by the pomade revolution. While still very niche/underground in nature, it is quickly growing in consumer int...

Pomade Online Malaysia: Top 3 Sites To Buy Pomade

pomade online malaysia
There are reliable sites to buy pomade online in Malaysia and since it is not easy to find pomades in shopping malls, buying online is the best alternative. We have found a couple of sites which we will share with you, that you can get good deals on pomades. We find it really inconvenient that we have way too many pomade lovers here in Malaysia but we do not have enough people selling them around town! This is really a problem of too much demand and too little supply - sounds like opportunit...

Tempatan Fest 2015

Tempatan Fest
Tempatan Fest was founded in 2013 by Achtung KL Studio, and they constantly bring in the country’s very best independent clothing brands and designers together in the event. Tempatan fest has been touring around different states in Malaysia including KL, Penang, Johor and Terengganu. This day-long event will give visitors the opportunity to support young entrepreneurs by purchasing quality merchandise from all over Malaysia. And of course, not to mention, there will be many local pomade b...