Uppercut Hairstyle 2016 – Get The Latest Look

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  Uppercut Hairstyle In the past year, the scene has caught on to the barbershop craze and we have seen the best of hairstyles in 2016. One of our favourite style is the classic fades and long uppercut hairstyle, and we think that it is here to stay. Check out which barber shops we would recommend to give your hair a new life. Since we have talked a lot about hairstyles and what's hot now (yes check out our hairstyle section) and there's no use if you don't understand the terms that we will us...

Joe’s Barber Shop Review

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You could safely say that the nu age barber scene was started by Joe's Barber shop. As most would know, Joe's Barber Shop is the brain child of none other than Joe Flizzow, one half of former rap duo, Too Phat. It seems rather fitting as the barber shop scene is an anchor in the hip hop scene. It is only a matter of time before a barber shop opens in Malaysia. As connoisseurs of barber shops, visiting the highly dubbed Joe's barber shop was a natural selection - being the first in the sce...

Shiner Gold Pomade Review And Where To Get It

Shiner Gold Pomade is at the top of the game alongside the likes of Suavecito and Layrite, are amongst the more commercialized American pomades,  - but never got the same attention as it's competitors. It's only available in a few outlets around KL, and you're more likely to get hold of it online. There is a special edition, but for today, we'll be talking about the regular version. Similar to the gonzo pomade, this one uses a screw down tin as well, with somewhat a simpler design. Shine...

Cafe Racer Malaysia

Café Racer Malaysia The Origin Cafe racers originated as bikes that are optimized for speed and handling – usually for quick races over short distance. They are usually in the form of modified bikes, where bodies were stripped down to reduce weight, with handle bars and fairing shaped accordingly to increase aerodynamics. Typically, most café racers have a similar but distinctive ergonomics, and it is difficult to miss one. The name café racers were a reference to British rockers (avid fa...

Gonzo Pomade Review

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Gonzo Original Supply Super Slick Water Based Pomade As one of the pioneers of pomades in Malaysia, the Gonzo Pomade was a product of extensive research and had only been launched after over a year of testing. Conceived not just in Malaysia the team from Gonzo Pomade travelled to Japan and had the product formulated based on their learnings there. The Gonzo pomade bears a unique design - using a steel screw down 4 oz tin, it is painted black with a white skull and a pompadour on a back...

Malaya Beard Oil – A Gentleman’s Essential

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The Beard Growing a beard can be daunting, especially for asians (yes you! We're talking about you). Growing a beard is often linked to being more masculine and men with beard are often depicted in movies or arts as being "alpha". In the modern days though, having a well groomed beard is a fashion statement. Inspired by celebrities of the western world, we have seen stars such as David Beckham, Jake Gylenhaal, Brad Pitt rocking the full beard. Locally this has started to become a trend, and ...

Barber Shop KL – The Best Spots

Barber Shop: A Phenomenon in KL Despite a rise of modern hairdressing salons with the likes of large chains like A Cut Above or Peek-A-Boo dominating the industry, in the recent years we have seen a surge of western style barber shop in KL. More than just a barber shop, a new culture has now been introduced to Malaysians. A culture that goes beyond just operating a shop, it brings together with it a revival of classic haircuts like the quiff, the pompadour and the slick back undercut (not fo...

Suavecito Malaysia Pomade Review

  Suavecito Malaysia - Firme Hold Pomade Review   Ever thought of trying a different pomade? Suavecito? Discover what's good and bad about Suavecito Malaysia before you decide! Read more below! The barbershop craze in Malaysia started a couple of years ago probably some time in lates 2012 or 2013. Along with it, came the use of Pomades, and styles like pompadour, slick back, fading, undercuts came in trend. While it is something that is hipster-ish, the whole barbershop cul...

Pomade Malaysia – The top 5 best pomade of 2015

Pomade Malaysia - The Modern Definiton You may already guessed it, pomade is a men's styling product that gives your hair a slick, neat and glossy look (for a fuller definition, check it here). This greasy and waxy substance is an alternative to gel, wax, hairspray or mousse. One benefit of using pomade is that it gives you much more control over your hair throughout the day. The biggest distinction between them is that pomade provides the hair a slicker, shinier look. Since it doesn’t dry, it ...